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Did you know?

RK Irrigation maintains a 24/7 repair service for emergencies.


RK Irrigation


After meeting with the homeowner and discussing your needs, a representative will evaluate your property. A materials takeoff is generated along with your estimate. Every property is unique, so no two estimates will be the same. We are always happy to work with you to stay within budget.

Annual maintenence
Activation. During your activation a service crew will open the system main, check for leaks, examine each zone head by head, program your control panel and install a fresh battery, as well as check the rain sensor if installed.

Winterization. Required to keep the components from freezing and cracking. A service crew closes the main for the season, connects a hose to the main point of connection, and flushes the pipes zone by zone with a high volume compressor.

Repair Service
On call service is available 24 hours a day 7 days week for any emergency that may arise.

Have an existing system that needs an upgrade? We can help revitalize your tired old system and help you conserve water.

Energy Audits
Schedule an appointment for a full system review. Our technicians can identify areas that need attention and provide you with a solution.

Contract Trenching
Need a utility trench dug but don't know who to call? RK Irrigation can provide you with trenching for drainage, waterlines, direct bury cable, or conduits.